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c. text

Coni Text emerged through Kelly Malone's unique approach to how the line and sign interact in writing. C. Text, both sees and experiences text, textuality, and is the writing materialised. Coni Text made 'its' debut of this embodied writing instantiation in Venice during the opening week of the 57th Biennale, 2017. Later, Coni Text, was seen as a raincoat wearing fili in the New York performance, and as a 'text worker' in white overalls, in the Watt Space performance and installation, 'Reign of Contexti: a room of one's own'. of Aotearoa-New Zealand's few experimental poets who stretches her craft well beyond the page and also induces/introduces her own body as poetry. Her work is significant and ground-breaking. --Vaughan Rapatahana Jacket2

Photo Credit: Venice, Alessandro Villa, 2017.

Coni Text: Bio


Coni Text was sculpted into a miniature by Jerome Johnson using an image of Coni during the performance in Venice.

Coni Text: News

Coni Text during the exhibition opening for Anima Mundi at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, May 13, 2017.

A resin cast from the master mould. In total, twenty resin and ten pewter miniatures were cast.


One of the pewter miniatures painted in gold.

Resin miniatures on one of two handwritten journals not shredded and used for contexti in earlier performances or the exhibition, 'Reign of Contexti'.

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