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textual explorations

how writing acts
and the writing act is
its trace and mark making 
in and through time,
space, event and media

The Process: Exhibitions
The Process: Video


from the beginning

At the start of my PhD research, when I had yet to become Coni Text, I began to look at how writing is performative. Filmed in May, 2015, the footage includes the very first text-weave I did and footage from Vitamin S.

The Process: Welcome


continuing to use my shredded handwriting

The Process: Gallery


From writing to weaving to wearing textiles (my shredded hand writing).

The Process: Bio


The process of generating writers blocks  questions the production of writing and reading practices alongside the object-fetish of the book and constructing what makes a ‘writer’. C. Text ‘sees’ the text and writes into spaces that are not in the mode of production. Thus, the de-archiving, and un-documenting, through shredding personal writing, to create contexti, and the writers block, illustrates a freedom from ideological inscription. In addition, without the literary, the text, the materiality of the text, is now in an energetic transfer--suspended in the block: a suspended animation of writing. These blocks of writing sit outside normative modes of production, yet remain in potential. For instance, pattern blocking or blocking the inscribed constructions of the textual surface into new patterns became another act of this work.

The Process: Gallery


This sculpture unified key areas of my work into a single expression. Le Temps Temple coheres Coni Text through the Queen of Contexti presented in the Venice performance now cast into an iconic miniature. The temple is made up of an unravelling writers block, revealing contexti. The walls are made up of contextiosaics. Coni greets herself in the mirror, faces her own mimesis in an infinite mimetic reflection, placed so the corner reflects two figures simultaneously.

Le Temps Temple
Le Temps Temple
Le Temps Temple
The Process: Works
The Process: Text


From the very first weave in May 2015, this final work 'footnote' featured in the group show, Visualis |Toikupu: a visual poetry exhibition, at Studio One – Toi Tū, 1 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland. The show was curated by Rachael Naomi and Makyla Curtis. Included in the show were visual poets Miriam Barr, Stephanie Christie, Kelly Malone, Cilla McQueen, Greg O’Brien, Maddy O’Dwyer, Sophie Procter, John Pule, Lisa Samuels, Donelle Shilling, Rachael Naomi and Makyla Curtis. Opening: 30th March, the exhibition ran from 31st March – 10th April 2019.

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