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A Digital Archive

This website is a digital archive for Kelly Malone’s practice-led PhD research which accompanies the exegesis, 'The Act of Writing in Coni Text' submitted through the University of Newcastle, N.S.W. 

The research draws on Charles Olson's, 'The Act of Writing in the Context of Post-Modern Man', used as the Charter at Black Mountain College during Olson’s time as rector in the early 1950s. The Charter influenced approaches of the Performance Writing course at Dartington Arts College in the early 1990s, among other influences (notably the historical cultural milieu of Dartington Estate, a place that has been likened to Black Mountain College). The course, Performance Writing, now defunct, subsequently yielded the enquiry-based practice as it is known today: performance writing. Malone’s research explored various performance writing dispositions to respond to the question, what is an act of writing in context of a postmodern artist and writer? Malone concludes the space between the line and sign is a state of 'pre-formance', a neologism she coins. 

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